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30 second dance party!

Awesome, awesome mama and me session plus a 30 second dance party? Heaven! More from this session to come!

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Sweet Edie hugs…

Just wanted to share one sweet image from a recent glorious session with this lovely family. You may remember them from here. And here.




I have to admit… I’m kinda in love with this family. :D


Katie + Justin + Marcus + Kaelyn



Katie & Justin (and Marcus & Kaelyn),

Meeting your family affirmed how lucky I feel to get to do this – meet beautiful families and take gorgeous portraits of them! The morning flew by and your spontaneity and connection to each other and your precious children was just a treasure to be around. And I felt like I’d always known you. Thank you for welcoming me into your family, if only for a few hours. Hope you adore these as much as I do!



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Stephanie + Tom + Becca + Thomas + Mary


This sweet family, recently transplanted to the Bay Area, immediately found a comfy spot in my heart. They were just so fun to be with, and so easy to photograph. The connection between them all, the way in which each person had room to be so completely themselves was awesome and sweet and beautiful.

Crissy Fields was a perfect location for their session for two reasons- firstly because they are an outdoorsy family (and true enough Thomas was soon engrossed with jelly fish on the shore while Becca and Mary were burying each other’s legs in the sand) and secondly because they move around the country a fair bit for work, so having the iconic Golden Gate bridge in the background was a nice anchor and symbol of this time and place in their lives. That last shot is an absolute favourite. Ha! Who am I kidding? All of these are favourites!!


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brother and sister.

So many sessions to share with you! I’m still sick but thankfully, well on the mend. I even managed to drag myself out of bed AND the house yesterday for a few hours when we ventured into the city. I’ll post about that adventure later.

For now, I just want to leave you with a preview from a super sweet family portrait session. It was my favourite kind- there was so much love and connection there, I felt full being a part of it.

So. A taste of what’s to come.



Everytime ChĂ©saweh has seen these pictures, he’s pointed and said, ‘that’s me. and that’s my baby sister.’ Obviously, it isn’t but it makes me smile because I think he’s saying, ‘that could be me. and that could be my baby sister.’ :D Here’s the whole love-ly family, smooching on the littlest one! mwah!



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Best friends.

These two. Seriously beautiful, inside and out. I remember hearing about them from a mutual friend and thinking, no-one is that nice.

I take it back.

These two are! Ah!


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It starts with love.



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