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Katie + Justin + Marcus + Kaelyn



Katie & Justin (and Marcus & Kaelyn),

Meeting your family affirmed how lucky I feel to get to do this – meet beautiful families and take gorgeous portraits of them! The morning flew by and your spontaneity and connection to each other and your precious children was just a treasure to be around. And I felt like I’d always known you. Thank you for welcoming me into your family, if only for a few hours. Hope you adore these as much as I do!



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baby feet. five ways.

Does this mean I’m obsessed? They’re just so adorable!


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Is there anything better than tiny little baby feet?


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Waiting for baby.


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brother and sister.

So many sessions to share with you! I’m still sick but thankfully, well on the mend. I even managed to drag myself out of bed AND the house yesterday for a few hours when we ventured into the city. I’ll post about that adventure later.

For now, I just want to leave you with a preview from a super sweet family portrait session. It was my favourite kind- there was so much love and connection there, I felt full being a part of it.

So. A taste of what’s to come.



Everytime ChĂ©saweh has seen these pictures, he’s pointed and said, ‘that’s me. and that’s my baby sister.’ Obviously, it isn’t but it makes me smile because I think he’s saying, ‘that could be me. and that could be my baby sister.’ :D Here’s the whole love-ly family, smooching on the littlest one! mwah!



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Love this time lapse announcement!

Thinking about all my lovely clients and friends who are expecting and remembered this awesome video someone shared on FB. What a great idea for an announcement, right?


How are you letting everyone know your big news?

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Rolled up jeans & sand covered toes.


From a family portrait session at Crissy Fields. Just look at those sand covered toes! Bliss!!

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I’m listening.


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