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link love: current wedding photography

(edited – whoops! this post was published a little prematurely, so I’ve just gone and added the rest of it… AD)

Just scoured the web for some fairly recent favourite wedding photography.

I wish I could just post samples of the images I’ve found here but I’m not giving myself enough time to contact each photographer and get their permission so instead, you’ll have to go look for yourself. Visit their blogs and leave them some love!

Mary McHenry – Carla & Kenny at Cornerstone Gardens

OHmergawd, I adore this series! The life! The love! It’s just so full of life and it just makes me happy and wish all kinds of good, fuzzy feelings for Carla & Kenny and the life they’re building together!

Jerryanne & Nathan’s Tanzanian & Caribbean wedding in New York photographed by Petronella Photography

Gorgeous colours and the whole thing just feels happy to me. Love that!

Sierra & Chase wedding at Sunstone Winery photographed by Jose Villa

Serene, timeless and dreamy.

Anna & Ben’s Mbezi Beach, Tanzania wedding photographed by Nia Rose Weddings

So vibrant and warm.

Jaynie’s & Gavin’s humanist wedding in Glasgow photographed by Roberta Matis Photography

Such a happy feeling event. Those light and sweet colours, the beaming smiles… love!


Okay, that’s it for today. Hope you enjoy those and will try and post more sometime soon. There’s so much yummyness out there. Maybe next time I can get permission to share a couple teasers from each one. Might be more fun for you to look at here. :D







My son is turning five this month and so I’m thinking a lot about the last five years and how much we’ve all grown, how much love and life and laughter we’ve shared, how many struggles we’ve overcome… mostly about the love and life and laughter though, I’ll admit it.

The biggest lessons for me as a parent, come from Chésaweh’s constant invitations to be present, to live in this moment. It’s remarkable, and when I’m open to it and receptive then it can be breathtaking. I just want to remind myself of that, when I inevitably get overwhelmed or caught up and forget.

This was taken last summer, when I was shooting some of Cameron’s pots with my assistant. :D

ajira darch photography my smiling boy

It’s been a while…

Did I get that Stained song stuck in your head now?

Well. Life has happened since I last posted. Unsurprisingly. They really meant it when they said ‘Time marches on’. Don’t ask me who they is. I have no idea.

I got hacked. Not as glamorous as you might imagine. Decidedly less so in fact. And more likely some bot built by a 6yo than the 6yo herself as she’s busy doing more interesting things. Anyway, I’ve not had access to post or edit anything on the blog for most of that time. Happy to be back. I’ve been posting more on my personal blog and that has been really good for me.

You may see a few wonky things about the site that I’m still working on resolving. I’ll get there. Thanks for being patient.

In about a month’s time I will have a 5 year old child. Mind. Blown. That’s been true throughout my experience of motherhood… I am constantly blown away by the experience… it is always more and different than I expect. My heart keeps growing and I keep learning.

I’m working on  various personal projects- which has been incredibly rewarding. Love staying excited about making photographs.

I’ve got a few slots open for March, so give me a call and book a lifestyle session today. It’s the perfect weather for it!

30 second dance party!

Awesome, awesome mama and me session plus a 30 second dance party? Heaven! More from this session to come!

If you must… fear the unexploded

Every day is park day

ajira darch photography personal family portraits

ajira darch photography personal family portraits-2

ajira darch photography personal family portraits-3

ajira darch photography personal family portraits-4

ajira darch photography personal family portraits-5

ajira darch photography personal family portraits-6

ajira darch photography personal family portraits-7

ajira darch photography personal family portraits-8

ajira darch photography personal family portraits-9

ajira darch photography personal family portraits-10

ajira darch photography personal family portraits-11

ajira darch photography personal family portraits-12

ajira darch photography personal family portraits-13

ajira darch photography personal family portraits-14

Funny things he’s said this week:

While playing chess against the computer- ‘I’m a geek! I’m such a geek!’

Playing rescue heroes- ‘You burn me up!’

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Time for Summer Mini-Sessions!!

Yes, it’s Mini-session time!


Saturday, August 3rd at Point Pinole, Richmond

Sunday, August 4th at Tilden, Berkeley

20 minutes. 5 images. $250

Only 5 spots left, call (415) 425-7543 now to book yours!

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